2018 Course Program and Surgery Fees

In order to allow for time out of the office as well as financial planning, the full program of courses is offered at both Detroit and Cleveland venues during an 18 month cycle. Courses can also be arranged for sponsoring companies for their own customers. For additional details, contact us.

Program Fees*

The full program contains 4 surgical modules and
5 optional additional units. Also offered are 2 Business
of Dentistry courses bi-annually, or upon request.

Introduction to Implants – $795, Includes 2 Assistants
Additional Assistant – $100
3 day Modules – $1995, Includes 1 Assistant
Additional Assistant – $500

Pre-register for the 4 module program over 18 months and
AIM will give you a complimentary attendance to the
2 day Implant Prosthetic unit.

1 day Unit – Doctor – $395 / Assistant – $100
2 day Unit (excluding Implant Prosthetics) – Doctor – $750 / Assistant – $200
Implant Prosthetics – Doctor – $1495 / Assistant – $200
3 day Business of Dentistry units – Doctor – $1495 /
TEAM member – $300

Course fees include continental breakfast, light lunch
and refreshments.

Surgical Fees*

– Standard Diameter Implant: $900.00 each
– Narrow Diameter Implant: $450.00 each (with four implants to retain an existing lower denture, this fee includes a reline.)
– Implant abutments (if used): $300.00
– Bone graft material (BGM): $100.00 per ½ gram
– Open Sinus Elevation Procedure: $1300.00 + BGM
– Osteotome Sinus Elevation (Bump) Procedure: $400.00
– Membrane: $100.00-$300.00 per membrane size dependant
– Onlay Bone Graft Procedure: $1300.00 + BGM + Membrane
– Symphyseal Graft Procedure: $1800.00 + BGM + Membrane
– Connective Tissue Graft: $650.00 single sight + (Alloderm)
– Connective Tissue Graft: $1000.00 multiple sights same arch + (Alloderm)
– Alloderm: Market Price
– Extraction-Simple: $50.00
– Extraction-Surgical: $150.00
– IV Sedation: $250.00 per session
– Single Tooth Provisional: $75.00
– Full Arch Provisional: $300.00

Course Patient Fees

The fee schedule for the Advanced Implant Mentoring (AIM) Course Series is structured to allow the attending doctor’s patient to receive substantial savings while obtaining state of the art dental implant treatment. To ensure accuracy and clarity for everyone, the treatment plan is established with a collaborative effort between the attendee and a faculty member. In order to insure proper preparations, this Treatment Plan should be established a minimum of four weeks prior to the course date whenever possible. This treatment plan will include any potential treatment options and associated fees.

The attendee is expected to review the proposed fees with the patient. Typically, the attending doctors prefer to pay forthe patient’s treatment as financial arrangements for THE ENTIRE CASE are made with the attending doctor’s office. If not, please notify the AIM clerical staff approximately two weeks before the course, to be certain that appropriate financial arrangements are made with the patient. Please notify your AIM office clerical staff in order to handle specifics of the appointment scheduling and fee arrangements if need be. These staff members are specially trained to help your patients achieve their goals.

Bring your own patients: Contact us for details.

*All fees subject to fluctuation

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