The History of AIM

Our History

Co–founders Mark Iacobelli and Rob D’Orazio had been educating dentists in varying capacities for many years prior to joining together in 2005. Each of them individually had noticed that while they were disseminating information to numerous dentists, implementation into each dentist’s practice was widely varied. The component that they both thought was missing was the individualized mentoring that they had both been fortunate enough to receive earlier in their respective careers. With this in mind, they decided to form Advanced Implant Mentoring (AIM) in 2006. Their goal was, and still is, quite simple: To positively affect the practices and personal lives of their student doctors.

In order to achieve this simple goal, AIM provides dental courses and mentoring that:

  1. Targets small personalized class size. No more than a 3:1 student teacher ratio for surgical courses.
  2. Teaches diagnosis and treatment planning, surgical techniques at increasing levels of difficulty and involvement, training for the dental team, and prosthetic critical thinking that would become the cornerstones of their course offerings.
  3. Builds the confidence level of the student doctors and their TEAMs.
  4. Provides course offerings that teach basic business principals and systems to help attract patients that desire the treatment that the student doctors want to provide.
  5. Teaches the techniques and systems that help the student doctors increase their case acceptance so that they have the ability to utilize the clinical skills that they are working so diligently to master.

Their first decision was to have an “Introduction to Dental Implants” course that superseded the subject matter and intensity level that was being delivered in most company sponsored/sales driven courses that were available at the time

The focus of this course is to teach the diagnosis of the entire implant environment.  Bone types, bone classifications, tissue types and prosthetic needs are now a part of every Introduction to Dental Implants course that AIM presents.  These Introduction courses have inspired many dentists to continue in dental implantology at some level within their practices.  Both Dr. Rob and Dr. Mark have presented this course nationally and internationally.

Additional courses were developed over the ensuing years to incorporate additional levels of diagnostic and surgical difficulty.  Lecture only, lecture with hands-on, lecture with live surgery, business of dentistry courses and dental implant prosthetic courses are now a part of the AIM course curriculum.  These courses are constantly updated based upon course reviews and recommendations by the participants, yet the focus on small group interaction remains constant.

Keeping true to their original pledge to mentor their students, Dr. Rob and Dr. Mark continue to personally mentor the doctors that commit to an AIM education.  What they have found is that AIM doctors implement systems to allow them and their TEAMs to place implants in their practice.  Personal satisfaction, increased production, a higher level of patient care and team building are directly related to their experience with Advanced Implant Mentoring.  Goal met!

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