The New Patient Exam and Consultation Process

CE Credit Hours: 7

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  • October 2, 2015 - October 3, 2015
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm

The New Patient Exam and Consultation Process

“You Only Get One Chance”

Business of Dentistry Unit

Course Objective

To gain an understanding of how a new patient is attracted to your office and why they choose to enroll in your services and accept treatment they are able and willing to pay for. Once understood, the successful office TEAM will create an action plan to implement their own systems for successful integration of patients into their practice from the frameworks provided.

Course Description

This two day course is designed for the doctor and the entire TEAM who is desirous of increasing the value of each treatment presentation/consultation that occurs in the office. Practice business models and philosophies will be explored. Initial contact telephone skills will be reviewed and role-played. The finer nuances of the actual patient exam and related scripting will be demonstrated. Treatment presentation, appointment sequencing, and closing skills will be presented in relation to the patient’s personality type. Financial arrangement options will be reviewed along with the verbal skills to close the sale.

Mode of Instruction

This course will include lecture, slides, and role-playing. Breakout sessions with¬†the¬†individual offices present will allow each TEAM to develop their own customized framework of how they want their New Patient Exam and Consultation to be in their office setting. Interaction with and instruction from key members of Dr. Iacobelli’s TEAM is also an important part of the course. Each team member will leave with a well documented course notebook.

CE Credits

This course qualifies for 14 continuing education credits in the practice management category.


Employment in or ownership of a dental practice.


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