Placing Implants Into Ideal and Challenging Environments

CE Credit Hours:

  • January 29, 2015 - January 31, 2015
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Placing  Implants
Into Ideal and Challenging Environments
Module 3

An ideal esthetic outcome requires an adequate volume of hard and soft tissue at the implant site. Yet it is estimated that over 60% of potential implant sites will require some type of augmentation to achieve an optimum result. Learn the skills needed to provide predictably esthetic results in compromised situations.

Course Objective

This course is designed to allow the student-doctor to place a dental implant, under the supervision of the instructor that may or may not be into an ideal site.  The student-doctor must first demonstrate proficiency in surgical skills, from flap design through closure as taught in Module 2, and the desire to refine those skills in a clinical setting.

Course Description

This three day hands-on course is for the student-doctor and TEAM.  It includes performing clinical exercises, observing, and performing live surgery on the student-doctor’s patients.  The student-doctor will increase their knowledge of implant dentistry to help determine which cases he/she can surgically and prosthetically manage in their own practice.   Adjunctive surgical procedures, such as bone grafting, bicortical ridge splitting, and site preparation using osteotomes, will be introduced.  Understanding the student’s abilities thereby maximizes appropriate case selection as it relates to the participant’s skill level.

Mode of Instruction

Didactic instruction on day 1 is followed by two days of “hands on” surgical training.  The student-doctor will provide his/her own patient. This allows the attendee to follow the patient through completion of the restoration.   Course participants are required to submit the patient records (as outlined in the AIM Records Protocol) 30 days prior to the course for evaluation, treatment plan verification and a fee quote

Participation in live surgeries suggests clinical attire (scrubs) for the second and third day.  Bringing Loupes and accompanying illumination is recommended.

CE Credits

This course qualifies for 21 continuing education credits


Completion of “Fundamentals of Dental Implants” – Module 2, or equivalent, is required.


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