Fundamentals of Dental Implants: Diagnosis, Treatment Planning, and Placement

CE Credit Hours:

  • November 20, 2014 - November 22, 2014
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Fundamentals of Dental Implants:
“Diagnosis, Treatment, Planning and Placement”
Module 2

Dental Implants are the best long term solution for esthetics and function when replacing missing teeth.  As the expanded services dental practice begins their journey to provide dental implant procedures for their patients, a solid didactic and clinical education is required. This course provides this foundation for the dentist, and TEAM who are in pursuit of that goal.

 Course Objective

To gain an understanding of the surgical skills required for successful implant placement, and begin to evaluate and refine those skills in a clinical setting.

Course Description

This is a three day hands-on course for student-doctor and TEAM.  It includes performing clinical exercises, observing live surgery, and assisting instructors in surgery on the student-doctor’s patients.  Anatomy, histology, and bone loss patterns relevant to implant placement will be reviewed in detail.  Prosthetic treatment planning will be discussed thereby maximizing the practitioner’s awareness of appropriate case selection as it relates to the participant’s skill level and abilities.  Attendees will gain a better understanding of his/her surgical abilities while preparing themselves for dental implant surgery.  During the surgical phase of this course, the student doctor primarily assists the instructors on the first implant case(s).

Mode of Instruction

Didactic instruction on day 1 is followed by two days of “hands on” surgical training.  The student-doctor will provide his/her own patient. This allows the attendee to follow the patient through completion of the restoration.   Course participants are required to submit the patient records (as outlined in the AIM Records Protocol) 30 days prior to the course for evaluation, treatment plan verification and a fee quote.

Participation in live surgeries suggests clinical attire (scrubs) for the second and third day.  Bringing Loupes and accompanying illumination is recommended.

CE Credits

This course qualifies for 21 continuing education credits


Completion of “Introduction to Dental Implants” and/or prior experience with implants is required.


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